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Our business is the creation of happy buildings.

A happy building is a snug building.

It is an energy-efficient, comfortable and healthy place to live and work that minimizes its impact on the outside environment.

CallRich Eco Services was started in 1991 by Rich Krechowicz as a natural outgrowth of his interest in energy efficiency and the environment. Entrepreneurial and committed, he has expanded the range of services his company provides as customers become more concerned about health issues,energy costs and environmental impact.

We think about environments - the one that's your own interior space, your refuge from the world, and the one you share with everyone else on the planet, the world we live in.
There's a science to shelters, and it's our business to ensure they deliver optimum results.

How do we do that?

Simple. We come into your building, whether it's your home or office complex, to offer an assessment and recommendation on how to maximize the comfort and cost efficiency of your interior environment. Then our team of professionals provides the necessary adjustments.

Some people have existing problems. Their energy bills are too high. The pipes in their house freeze in the winter. Air conditioning is not effective. Heat is not even throughout the building. There's mold in the basement. Or the indoor air is poor, causing discomfort and health problems. Other people are on a mission to make their building as environmentally efficient as possible.

CallRich Eco Services makes a diagnostic examination by investigating various systems in the building. We look at existing insulation, duct work, air sealing, roof lines and attics. We have completed many projects, from sealing small air leaks to converting an entire home into an environmental dream, complete with solar heating.  We work in all sectors, residential, commercial, industrial, and historical.

And we're always thinking as entrepreneurs. In 2004, CallRich Eco Services acquired the equipment to install polyurethane foam. 

A happy building is our business. It not only makes you happy. But the planet smiles as well.
Rich in experience. Rich in solutions. Rich in passion.
CallRich. Call now.