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For most homeowners, attics are a mysterious and dark place, seldom explored and usually even less understood. The only reason homeowners might have to go into their attic is to check and see if the roof is leaking, or, if you live in downtown Toronto, check to see where the raccoon went! For most homeowners, however, the attic may be the first place to begin energy efficiency improvements.

Insulating attics is not merely a case of adding “more” insulation. Many homeowners are under the impression that insulation is merely a material purchase, like buying apples. The truth is, the operation of the environment or system in an attic involves many components, like putting together the ingredients for and baking an apple pie. We sell apple pies to our clients.

We believe that preparation prior to adding insulation is the key factor in the attic. Because we use the “house as a system” approach, it is also important to understand how the existing dynamics are going to be altered, modified or affected by changes to the system.

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