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Polyurethane spray foam is a 2-part system applied with specialized equipment by our CUFCA licensed installers. When we come to a job site, we have on-board power and all the supplies, equipment and know-how to install spray foam in a professional, efficient manner.
The material is applied as a liquid, but sets and hardens in a matter of seconds. It adheres to all building materials and surfaces, forming a seamless, monolithic and permanent insulation system. You can cover it almost immediately, as it does not require setting time.
Spray applied polyurethane foam has the highest R-value of any commonly available insulation material ---although there is more to insulation than R-value. It provides a seamless and permanent system that acts as both a thermal insulation (R6 per inch minimum), and in some applications, also an air vapour barrier. Spray foam is ideal whenever superior insulation performance is required….either new or retrofit construction.
When sprayed, polyurethane expands & flows during application to fill difficult to detail, seal or reach areas, stopping air infiltration…perfectly! Spray foam insulation effectively and efficiently insulates & seals critical and difficult to insulate areas. Overhangs, cantilevered floors, complex framing (turrets, bay, box & bow windows, curved walls, header & rim joists) tight corners, irregular, difficult or unusual cavities and surfaces, unventable or unvented roof cavities and cathedral ceilings are no problem for spray foam insulation!
Spray foam insulation solves insulation design problems and the #1 cause of poor building performance – air leakage. It solves excessive heat loss and air leakage problems such as ice damming. Because of it’s high R-value, it is ideal for areas that have limited space for insulation or areas that are typically not possible to insulate effectively with conventional materials, such as concrete walls or ceilings, steel beams or surfaces. Spray foam insulation is also ideal for areas difficult to reach and impossible to insulate conventionally, such as ductwork, steel beams, strapped walls, crawl spaces, header bays and rim joists
And finally, with foam’s high R-value, framing lumber can be downsized to meet structural requirements rather than insulation requirements of conventional materials that typically have low R-values.

Special building environments
- pools, spas & hot tubs
- steam rooms, saunas
- freezers, cold storage
- steel buildings
- steel & fiberglass boat hulls
- refrigerated truck & van bodies, trailers, etc.,
- sculptures for theatre, films, and stage

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