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Roofing & insulation seem like they’re dissimilar and unconnected. Surprisingly they are very much part of a system. The better the quality of the insulation system in the attic the longer the shingles will last. For example, excessive heat loss and air leakage from the attic floor gets into the attic space and causes all sorts of problems…mold, mildew, condensation, ice damming…all conditions that degrade the roofing materials.

During re-roofing is usually the ideal time to be able to air seal and insulate better….you can either do a better job because hard-to-reach areas are suddenly more accessible and a better job at detailing can be done, or you can access areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Some examples would include knee walls and knee wall attics, dormers, sloped ceilings, top plates on low-pitched roofs, and flat roofs.