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Of all the things homeowners could do to become more water efficient, replacing your toilet stands out as being the best thing to do. After all, toilet consumption is the largest user of water in the home. Not all toilets are created equal, and sometimes performance does not relate to price. To see what toilets are the best performers go to www.cwwa.ca www.toronto.ca/water

If you already have a 6L toilet, check you toilet for “invisible” leakage…where the flapper doesn’t seal completely yet it is undetectable to the eye or ear. Simply add food dye to the water in the tank and wait about 15 minutes. If the dyed water has reached the toilet bowl, then the flapper leaks and it should be replaced. But be careful when you buy a new flapper…you need to buy one with an early closure feature, such as “Frugal Flush”.


Wherever there are urinal cistern tanks there is water wastage.

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