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Here’s what you need to know about Rich Krechowicz.

One night, when he was a young man, he stumbled through the night after he had been out drinking with his friends, barely able to get home.


Well, Rich may have been young, but he was far from care-free.

He was stumbling because he was carrying an armload of empty bottles.

But he was not on a mission to dispose of the evidence of his and his friends’ youthful folly, in case that’s what you’re thinking.

Oh no. This was a mission to dispose of the empty bottles properly.

Rich was recycling long before it became the new religion.

He’s so green, he sprouts an idea a minute.

In 1974, he was composting in his backyard. 1976 saw the installation of water-efficiency devices in his own home. And in 1979 he saved lots of money by reusing waste heat in a family-run delicatessen he was managing at the time. Ever since he was a teenager, he has turned down disposable coffee cups in favour of his reusable travel mug. And he reduces garbage by using the cloth bags he keeps on hand. When he does buy a product that inevitably comes packaged, he sees that it gets recycled appropriately.

In his own busy household of a wife, three daughters and an Airdale named Maddie, he installed many energy-efficiency systems.

So, it was only, er, natural for him to convert his passion for energy efficiency into a business, which he did in 1991. And in that venture, he practices what he preaches. His company owns two natural gas-powered vans and arranges jobs geographically to minimize driving. Trips are planned to reduce gas consumption and avoid rush hour traffic. Employees are just as passionate as Rich is about working in a field that has a positive social impact. They have even developed his eco-habits. They recycle and sort waste, bring garbage-less lunches and re-sharpen tools rather then replace them.

Rich is rich, all right.

Rich in passion. Rich in experience. Rich in ideas.